A Release! And Pjank's departure..

Hello fellow airliner directors.

Today we have some very good news and some sad news. Let's start with the sad news.

A couple of days ago Pjank42 announced to the devteam that he will be leaving the project.
He could not find the time to work on the game, and it started feeling more like a chore than a hobby project.
Seeing the father of the project leaving the team is a very sad thing to happen. In the name of the entire devteam, we thank him for what he made happen. He may return any time he likes and we will accept him with open arms.

Goodbye Christian (Pjank42), hopefully we see you again!


And then on to the bright news.

First off a small announcement: in the course of this week we reached 10 000 downloads, which I think is a major milestone. Thank you everyone for downloading and trying out our game!

And then the big announcement that you probably already noticed: we finally have a release. After 10 months of hard work we finally made it. You may notice that some features were cut out in this version. Namely the employees and via routes. We made this decision to not delay the release any further. These features will come back in a couple of months.

Compared to v2.13 we made a lot of bug fixes, small improvements here and there, added dynamic countries and updated the seating configurator, and implemented a more in depth IFS system. The past 2-3 months we spent all of our time on rebuilding the filling degree calculation, so this is now way more in depth than before.

Finally for the next releases we have a new strategy: we will be releasing more often (every 2-3 months instead of every 6-10 months) with less features, BUT the features will be more polished and in depth. This was not possible before because we had to do a lot of work at once.

The next release will likely be all about improved statistics reports, financial reports and some other minor improvements.

Hopefully you don't break the new release too soon,
And we see you in the next blog update.

The devteam.

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