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Hello fellow airline directors! Finally I'm back with a new devlog, apologies for the wait. The past couple of months we have been working on some interesting stuff, and I'm now ready to show you.

Purchasing Airliners

The basic cycle of purchasing a new airliner has been completed. This is a milestone in our development as it is our first interactive gameplay feature in the game.


To add a new airliner to your order list, you simply click the plus button in the catalogue. In your order list you can see some basic information on certain variables of the aircraft: the cabin layout, engine and range. By clicking on the gear you will be able to edit the seatmap, engine and modifications like winglets. Do you want the same type of airliner but with a different cabin layout, engine or modifications? Just click the plus below!

After you ordered the airliners, you will find them in your fleet overview. In the picture below you see we have our first Airbus A320 delivered, while we have 2 more on order.
Fleet Overview


The bulk of our past months effort went into the seatmaps.

Seatmap A320-200

(please note that the graphics will be updated, for now it has been mainly about coding the seatmaps; the database for these seatmaps also needs another improvement to make them more accurate, for now they are just quick examples)

The image above shows the seatmap for the Airbus A320-200. You notice we have 2 different classes (the classes will be given a distinct color), and a couple of amenities. The white arrows are the main doors, the red ones are emergency doors. The blue boxes are toilets, while the green boxes are galleys. If you played TAPv2 this will be a very recognizable set up.

The image above depicts the seatmap for a Boeing 747-400. If you are familiar with TAPv2, you notice a couple of improvements on this one.

The first thing you probably notice is the orange block. We added stairs to the cabin! Personally I'm really satisfied with how I was able to wrap seats around these stairs, increasing the realism of our cabins.

Further I offered an option to our patrons: in TAPv2 you were only able to add full rows. Meaning that if you have space for an extra row, but a full row puts you above the capacity/exit limit, then that row would be unable to spawn. I could fix that by spawning an incomplete row. The other option was to start using the nose and tail for certain cabins. The patrons chose almost unanimously for the latter, as you can see above.

It may well be possible that we add the first improvement as well in the future.

Patreon Update

I expect this update to drop within the next couple of weeks. I will make it available to anyone who supported us in November, so keep an eye on your inbox.

If you are still supporting us for december, you will find the key the traditional way via Patreon.

Stay Tuned!

The current latest version (V0.1.1.4; October) is available here: TAP NG DEV 0114 (note that this is not a fully functional game yet; the payment is considered a donation to contribute to our Feature Queue)

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See you soon!

The Devteam


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