The Kickstarter Failed, What Now?

Hey fellow airline directors! It became more and more obvious in the last month that we would not reach our Kickstarter goal. But do not worry, I have a back up plan! The Kickstarter showed me what kind of profits I can expect with our current community.

Kickstarter requires you to reach a high goal (you have to make sure you can deliver the promised product) while you do not have much to show to the potential customers. It's is of course hard to convince new followers to support us like that. We'll go with incremental funding over a long period instead.

What's the Plan?

The idea is based on the Community Unlocks by Derail Valley. We promise a minimum version of the game and as we reach higher goals we promise more features. In my eyes this is really beneficial to everyone. People who are happy with the game as is can buy it once and have it forever. People who'd like to see more features can roll in the 'Game as a Service' model. On top of that, as the game becomes more popular it also gains more features.

Minimum Version of the Game

The minimum version will have the same features as TAPv2 but with the new UI. Of course this will include a better AI, the automatic scheduler, a more dynamic world, connecting traffic and functioning scenarios.

People supporting us on Patreon will receive an early access version of the game as soon as possible, and receive regular updates for this version.

Feature Queue

One of the next couple of days I will open a new page on our site where you can see the progress of the feature queue. We will start with 50.000 points for the minimum version, and after that new features can be gained. What those features are will be based on what the community wants and how people supporting us on Patreon vote for.

There are various ways you can increase the points:

  • Donate via the itch page (15 points / Euro, rounded down to a full Euro)
  • Become a patron (x points per month, depending on your tier)
  • Buy a poster (100 points per poster)
  • Buy the game (when available)
  • Follow us on any social media (1 - 5 points depending on what media you follow)


Besides increasing the points on a monthly basis, you also get a number of other benefits.

People who donate 5 euro / month or more receive more frequent news updates and are closer involved in development discussions. Besides this they also get early access to the game.

People who donate 10 euro / month or more get to create their own airline for the game. (It's the same principle as on the Kickstarter, these airlines will be included in scenarios, but other people can still create their own custom airline locally)

Head over to our Patreon to find out more

Stay Tuned

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See you soon!

The Devteam

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