A Release Peeking Through?

Hey Fellow Airline Directors,

It's been a long quiet time on this board. And with good reason: we have been restructuring a big part of the code at the core of the game. But it's about time we come out of our cold and dark basement to start spreading the news: we will be having a release this July. You will hear more news about the release date here shortly.

We're very sorry that it has been so quiet for so long. To be fair, there wasn't much interesting stuff happening to brag about anyway. The coding we did the last 1-2 months was purely rebuilding stuff that was already in the game, but in a dying need of a performance boost. (The Dev Versions started to run rather slow) The new way of calculating the filling degree has now received a good upgrade, but above all it will allow us to implement connecting flights and possibly even alternative airports in future versions without receiving a major hit on performance.

However, having the release now does come at a cost. We decided to cut out one feature of this version to spare us a month (or 2?) in time: pilots & employees. Everything related to the pilots and employees will now happen behind the scenes, thus the player won't have an influence on this. You will of course still have to pay your employees, but it will all use standard values. You will not be able to lower their wages, hire more pilots, educate them or have any influence on their satisfaction. Employees is now set to be part of a next smaller release early fall.

But we hope that doesn't spoil the fun. After all, V2.14 has a good number of upgrades over the current V2.13. ;-)

We see you very soon,

The Devteam

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