New Liveries

Hey fellow airline directors!

It's been a while since we last wrote to you and as someone on our forums pointed out, it might be a good idea to stay in touch with you. So, here we are with another devlog. (finally!)

Just like last time, we didn't add any new features to show you. Which is why we have been silent for so long. We have just now finished the restructuring of the code part 1 out of 3.

So what are we going to show you to make this blogpost worthwhile and interesting? Some time ago, a(nother) forum member asked if we're still adding new airliner images to the game. The answer is a loud and clear yes! In fact, we have been experimenting with creating our own images. This would allow us to put every airliner in the game with the correct manufacturer livery of that specific era. (if we find any livery of course) This also means all images will be in the same style, which will make it all feel more coherent.

Here is an example of a successful livery repaint for the Douglas DC-8 and the later McDonnel Douglas version:

On a different note, I (Tjoeker) have started a full-time c# education this week. This means that over time, I will be able to help Pjank out better and better by the day. Even though it's already decent (I think? ^^ ) this will lift my coding abilities to a professional level, which is better overall for the project.

Hopefully we speak to you soon,

The Devteam

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Deleted 3 years ago

A new devlog should come some time in the next week. It should have been here this week already, but we were both busy at work. :)