News about V2.14

Hey fellow airline directors,

It has been quiet for a while now. That is mainly because a lot has been moving behind the scenes. Still, the stuff that is being worked on is boring stuff and we don't really have anything new to show you.

We did a number of bug fixes as usual. But mainly we decided we need to redo the code behind the filling degree so that it improves performance (quite a bit actually) and so that it allows to build on it more easily in the future. Unfortunately for you guys this means the release gets pushed back yet again. It's important to note that while we're quiet, progress is still being made. Don't worry! :) We thank you guys a lot for being so patient!

In the team, we have main 3 roles divided over 4 people. (1 developing, 1 designing and 2 testing) These roles aren't 'hard-coded' on us, so a tester can do some design work any time and visa versa. Still, until now we had only 1 person working on the code itself. This has now changed. Pjank is steadily introducing me (Tjoeker) to the code so I can help with that. I do know how to code C#, I'm just unfamiliar with the structure. This means soon our development speed will increase.

Hopefully we see you again soon,

The Devteam

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Keep up the good work, this game has so much potential

Thank you very much :-)