Hi fellow airline directors,

Last time we said we implemented the last new feature, so now it is down to bug fixing, optimizing and improving usability. This means two things: the devlogs will become somewhat more boring and repetitive, and we're nearing a release! 

One thing players have been asking about is why they couldn't select any audio or video set up. The easy answer was that it wasn't implemented yet. We're happy to say that all this has now been implemented as a part of the passenger satisfaction. As you can see in the picture below, you'll have many different options to play around with.

On Twitter we mentioned that we are looking into optimizing the employee management. The first thing we did is merge the two existing employees views into one, where it will be possible to see more in depth information regarding the different employee types. We also added quite a few employee types you need for operating your airline.

In the future employee satisfaction will have an influence on your reputation, and if the satisfaction is really low they might go on strike. This however will not be part of the upcoming release.

Let Your Dreams Fly,

The Devteam

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