REL213, Cleared to Land

Hello fellow airline directors,

After a very long period of coding and testing we are finally ready with the release of version 13. The past couple of weeks have been rough, but we believe it was worth it.

In the past two weeks we have implemented, improved and updated a couple of minor features. An example is the new terminal construction. It now takes longer to construct a terminal and it takes longer the more gates you build. But each added gate needs less time to be constructed. It is now also possible to build any number of gates in one terminal. 

For the use of service centres we have added some more information, which should help the user with when there is a need for upgrading the service centre in order to be able to purchase an aircraft. We also got rid of the issue where it was possible to lease more aircraft than the space of service centre as long as you didn't exit the leasing company.

Unfortunately we still haven't been able to squash the cargo bug, so that's our top priority for the next release now.

Finally, as promised we'd show off our first version of the new website. It is still in its early development phase, so basically anything could change, but it's a good first impression for the new design.

Any feedback on the lay-out and design is welcome!

We hope to see you soon,

The DevTeam


TAPv2 Alpha 356 MB
Sep 25, 2018

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