Release in the Air

Hello, fellow airline directors,

We've been working very hard on the project the past two weeks. And it pays off, since we feel like we'll have a release soon.

We're still improving the last details for the seating configurer. We mostly tackled some issues with airliner with an upper deck. Now we just have to make sure the capacity of the airliners don't exceed the exit limit. The exit limit is the maximum amount of seats an airliner may have for different reasons like the maximum take off weight or the amount of emergency exits. This means you could technically have 1204 seats at minimum pitch on an A380, but since this is not allowed, the exit limit restricts you to 868 seats. You have to fill the empty space by adding a higher class with a higher pitch.

Unfortunately the bug regarding cargo demand that we fixed, unearthed a new bug that made it worse. We're doing our best on fixing it before the next release, but we can't promise it will be.

On the hubs side we have made some minor improvements based on our testers' input. It is now easier to apply for a hub, and the user is  provided with information about why a hub can't be built at the moment. Some other improvements that require some more coding have been put on hold until version 14.

Finally we are also planning on a new website, since the old one could use an update. We hope we can show off some previews in the next blog.

Hopefully, we see you soon.

The Devteam

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