Looking back on 2019, looking forward to 2020

Hey fellow airline directors,

in the name of the devteam: Merry Christmas and a happy new year! To celebrate the holidays, we release a new patch. This patch contains a bunch of data updates as well as a couple of minor fixes.

Looking back on 2019

2019 saw two major events in our development. First we tested your patience: we completely reworked our calculations for the economics of the flights and passengers,  overhauled IFS and IFE system, and improved the cabin configurer.  This development took longer than expected and caused a 4 month delay. Lesson learned: foresee enough time to develop these things!

Together with the release of 2.14 came some unfortunate news: Pjank was leaving the team to spend more time elsewhere in his life. This inevitably slowed down the team as he was by far the most experienced member of the team, and he wrote the vast majority of the code.

Since our release we spent our time patching 2.14 to make the game stable so that it keeps our community sweet for a while. Because we will test your patience again this time! Trust me, it will be worth it. ;)

Looking forward to 2020

Since October we started working on a new version. We decided we need to step up our game. For this we went looking for an artist to join the team. I can't say much more about the new version for now. We will reveal more information next year. For now I'll leave you with this:

(right-click -> view for full resolution; ingame footage)

We see you again in 2020 with some exciting news!

The devteam.

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